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OSSIS - Online Information System

What is it?

OSSIS is a paperless system designed to provide customers with rapid, easily accessed and up to date information on waste collections. It replaces a standard paper system by emailing or faxing confirmation following every collection then storing all documentation electronically.

Once registered on OSSIS, you have instant access to your own files that we store. At any time, via the OSSIS Internet capability, you can download copies of your waste transfer notes, consignment notes or quarterly EA returns. OSSIS reduces the burden of paperwork whilst ensuring total compliance.

How does it work?

Collections are booked through our Customer Service Team, either by telephone or on line. Following each collection our driver will obtain confirmation by getting the customer’s signature on a hand held terminal – similar to the system used by many delivery companies. This confirmation is then transmitted back to our Operations Centre via the collection vehicle’s terminal.

Regulations require paperwork to be left with the customer; easy to lose in a busy workplace! With OSSIS, customers will receive an immediate copy of the collection note via email or fax. It will also be electronically stored on the system as an easily accessed back-up.

What to do next...

Any Hydrodec customer can go to the link above and register online. Once details have been registered with us we will allocate you with a unique username and password to ensure total security. Accounts will be activated within 24 hours and viewing of details of all container waste collections will be possible through our secure website.

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